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Plonk works hard to source the very best fresh fish. Barramundi farmer Chris grows this fish in the strictest of quality control environments right here in Singapore. Whole Akaroa salmon are imported from Lucas Bay, New Zealand. For over 20 years they have produced salmon in low density sea cages and delivered it from pen to plate overnight. Akaroa is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. 

Theo Mandziy


Theo explains his process when working with restauranteurs "I like to bring together the owners vision for their business & the physical space through the images and medium". You can see this in Tables and Chairs on Corrugated Iron which compliments the lightweight industrial feel upstairs at Plonk.

Theo got his start in art after he injured his arm in a childhood accident & part of his therapy was to draw. One thing led to another and he eventually graduated from Sydney College of the Arts. After moving to Singapore 17 years ago his work has been steadily more influenced by his Asian experience. Theo is inspired by Asia's dynamic colours and movement, which are reflected in his pieces, along with Singapore's love affair with urban and suburban settings.


Theo Mandziy

Theo Mandziy



Macadamia Nuts

Plonk stocks macadamia nuts from Wondaree Macadamias from outside Tolga on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Named after the local aboriginal word for tree Wondaree has been owned and operated by Greg and Wendy O'Niell since 1984.