Plonk artisan ingredients are coming ...

While Plonk develops it's own range of artisan products some of our favourite imported ingredients from your favourite dishes are available for you to experiment with at home.



Conservas Artisanas Desde 1880

For four generations Serrano has been using traditional family methods handed down through generations. Using the best raw fruit and vegetables from their home region of Ribera del Ebre in Catalonia, Spain the Serrano conserves taste the same today as they did over 130 years ago.


Maestro de Oliva


Maestro de Oliva is the premium brand of OliveLine. OliveLine is an internationally acclaimed producer of olive oils and table olives with over 20 years of experience.


alain milliat

Orlienas, Lyon, France

Alain Milliat is a passionate advocate of seasonal produce & he is committed to representing real fruit flavors which depend on the season & the weather during the year. His products are produced near to the fruit growing areas all over France to ensure optimal freshness.



Elaboracion Artisansa Fundada en 1926

Costera was established in 1926 in Natahoyo on the northern coast of Spain as a family run fish canning company. With fish selected on the boats as they came to port, and traditional canning and bottling techniques used, the company has steadily grown since it's humble beginnings. Costera has slowly grown it's range of seafood as they source only premium raw produce from the Cantabrian Sea.


Olive Oil, Balsamic & Wine Vinegars

Spain, Italy & France

If Olive Oil is the mother of all Mediterranean food then Balsamic and Wine Vinegars are her children. They have each developed their own identities depending on the climate, land and traditions all over southern Europe. Plonk sources specialist Olive Oils, Balsamic and Wine from Spain, Italy & France, and only uses those products whose characteristics support the dish as needed.



The Wine Glass Company

Riedel glasses and decanters are known world-wide as the must have wine accessory. The grape varietal specific glass packs are a great starter for your Riedel collection with BUY 8 PAY 6 pricing offering great value.